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Research breakthrough in disease affecting 1-in-10 women

Researchers are one step closer to identifying genes linked to a gynaecological disease affecting 1-in-10 Australian women. A global study into the genetic causes of endometriosis has identified a wider array of genetic links to the disease than what was previously known.


Incontinence: No laughing matter


One in four Australian adults are incontinent, 80 per cent of them women. Half of these women (1.7 million) are aged 50 and under.


5 slightly disgusting facts about mozzies


Travelling to Asia, Central and Latin America may promise adventure; but it also means a likely encounter with the Aedes aegypti mosquito – the delightful carrier of, among other diseases, Dengue Fever and Zika. But while that may be no surprise, these little critters do have some interesting habits that you may wish we’d never


The unhealthy habits killing Australian women


Heart disease is the leading cause of death in women in Australia and has been for more than two decades. But despite ongoing educational campaigns and medical recommendations – Australian women are still risking their long-term health with bad habits. Christa Dang, Professor Cassandra Szoeke and Professor Martha Hickey investigate. A chest x-ray of a woman


Gene breakthrough for bowel disorders


A key gene that helps to explain an underlying cause of incurable bowel disorders has been identified by scientists.


Diet changes that can help manage an irritable bowel

irritable bowel syndrome

People suffering from irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) can find symptom relief with a variety of dietary changes. Results from a new trial show that no one fixed approach will work for everyone, but there is merit in taking the principles behind the spectrum of dietary options and adapting to ‘what works’ for a person.


More Australians are looking overseas for dental care


Upwards of half a million Australians are expected to head overseas for medical procedures this year. They’ll be travelling abroad for a wide range of procedures – everything from elective cosmetic surgery to life-saving cardiac procedures. And for many, the focus of their medical needs is on dental work. This has prompted dental clinics across


Why are Australian women ageing 20 years earlier than other women around the globe?


Is the legacy of living in our glorious sunburnt country doing us more damage that good? It is a luxury to live in a climate where we can enjoy the outdoors almost all year round, yet Australians look to be paying the ultimate price in the ageing game.


New drug found to prevent heart attacks

heart attack

An international trial of 27,000 patients found that those who took the drug evolocumab saw their bad cholesterol levels fall by around 60 per cent on average.


Fatty liver disease: when prevention is the best hope of cure, Dr Ross Walker

fatty liver disease

An alarming number of Australians are walking time bombs, living with a disease dubbed the silent killer that is growing at epidemic proportions here and around the world writes Dr Ross Walker.