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Manchester terror attack: travel insurance cover explained

travel insurance

The horrific terror attack in Manchester has triggered a change in travel advice for Australians headed to the UK. The terrorism threat in Britain has been upgraded from ‘severe’ to ‘critical’ (the highest of the UK’s four domestic threat levels). What should travellers do if they are visiting the UK?


A week in Brittany

“Leaning out the window of our accommodations on the rural outskirts of Bordeaux we’re assailed by two things: a cat which wants to come in and share our comfort, and the scent of the garden. First to hit me is the strong perfume of lavender; it is everywhere. There was a mist or a bit


Slow Sunday in Slovakia


Sunday morning in Bratislava, the capital of Slovakia and for those intrepid early risers taking a dawn stroll along the banks of the river Danube, there is company to be had: groups of young men are shuffling, somewhat unsteadily, back to their hotels after a hard night’s partying. Ian Jarrett explores the Post-Communist generation in


Spirited Scotland’s ‘Top 17 for 2017’ for Australian Travellers


From ancient monuments and heritage sites to pristine landscapes and jaw-dropping entertainment, Scotland has plenty to offer Australian travellers. Each reflecting the Spirit of Scotland, this is the go-to list of Scotland’s diverse but delightful must-visit attractions, events, activities and adventures for 2017


Top 10 Markets in Amsterdam for Shopping


No city can be so much pure, clean and natural even after supporting a number of industries and high-end technology down the line, as much Amsterdam is. With ample boating and other natural activities the place is one of the popular tourist spots of all times. Amsterdam prides of being one of the biggest European


Luxembourg is laid back

Market flowers galore

Charming and romantic, you’ll find it hard to come across a more laid back capital city of the same name as the country writes John Newton.


Solo women travellers in Dubai – safety issues and precautions to be taken


Dubai is a fast emerging international city and a tourist hub that attracts luxurious tourist from all over the world and welcomes them with its opulent structures, best tourist amenities and grand hotels that are best suited for both personal and business purposes. 


The many secrets of Mystery Island, Vanuatu

Generations of Australians have spent “one day in paradise” on Mystery Island in Vanuatu, but few know the many secrets of this stunning coral atoll, writes Dallas Sherringham.


Hidden art only Hong Kong locals know

Hong Kong

Venture off the beaten track during this year’s Hong Kong Arts Month which runs from 1 to 31 March, away from the high profile gallery and exhibition venues in the city’s commercial centre, to discover an eclectic mix of contemporary and street art. Inside old factory buildings, on street corners and shop security shutters –


What happens when you have a bad tour guide in China…


Most travel stories paint the destinations in glowing terms with words like ”stunning”, “amazing” and “superb”. This is not a story like that. This is the story about how wrong a day trip can go if you have a bad guide, a shambolic destination and an itinerary that is virtually impossible to follow writes Dallas