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Private patients beat public for treatment


Public patients are being bumped down the elective surgery queue in public hospitals in favour of those using private health insurance to foot the bill. New official figures have revealed for the first time how elective surgery wait times in public hospitals vary depending on who is paying for the procedure.


Top tips for first time cruisers

cruise insurance tips

First time cruisers are urged to take out travel insurance


Dodgy knees and cataracts most common ailments, says Medibank


Hip and knee replacements were among the most common procedures and ailments claimed by privately insured patients last financial year, according to a new Medibank report.


Sea change insurance tips

Whether you’re planning a sea change, a tree change or staying put, it’s vital to understand the hazards your home faces and what that means for your insurance needs, writes Campbell Fuller. With their multi-million-dollar homes perched on dunes just metres from one of Sydney’s most prestigious beaches, the residents of Collaroy seemed to have


The Benefits of Having Insurance Through Super

An important aspect of the Australian super system is that it provides a range of benefits with one of the biggest being the provision of automatic insurance cover, explains Pauline Vamos from the Association of Superannuation Funds Australia. This means that the majority of people working have access to a basic level of life, Total