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Top 5 questions to ask about the superannuation changes


Superannuation changes announced by the Australian Government will start on 1 July 2017 – with retirees amongst some of those who may be affected. To debunk some of the misconceptions surrounding the reforms, the Australian Taxation Office (ATO) have outlined five of the most frequently asked questions, to help retirees prepare for and better understand


Minimising complexity essential for super success, says ASFA


Following the budget, The Association of Superannuation Funds of Australia (ASFA) has said while not as substantial as the landmark reforms in last year’s Budget, this year’s package of superannuation-related measures announced by the government will nonetheless have a wide-ranging impact.


Super funds targeted in Shorten’s housing affordability package

super funds

Labor will promise to ban direct borrowing by self-managed superannuation funds, as part of a housing affordability policy released on Friday to pre-empt the government’s package in next month’s budget writes Michelle Grattan, University of Canberra.


Changing lanes: from truck driver to care worker

career change

Have you ever considered a career change later in life? After 25 years, Tony Wilson did and has never looked back. For many people, the pressure of caring for a loved one as they battle a degenerative disease can be overwhelming. And for those caring for a parent with Alzheimer’s disease, the emotional impact of


Retirees renting need more than $1 million to be comfortable, according to ASFA


The Association of Superannuation Funds of Australia (ASFA) today released its Retirement Standard updates for the December 2016 quarter showing a slight increase in the cost of living for retirees.


News: Migration to fuel ageing Australia: report

Australia’s most valuable import may not be a good or a service, but people.


Retirement anxiety is a global issue

retirement anxiety

When it comes to retirement, people all around the world are experiencing retirement according to a research report from Malvern, Penn.-based investment management giant Vanguard Inc. This is what retirees in four countries think about retirement in the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom and Australia.


Styling the family home to sell with Nicole Jacobs

Nicole Jacobs

You might recognise Nicole Jacobs from her time on Channel 9’s The Block, where she stands front and centre, ready to purchase the hottest properties for her clients. An expert in knowing what buyers are looking for, Nicole shares her tips for styling the family home ready to sell.


Five practical tips to maximise your pension


Retirees have been feeling the pinch of historically low interest rates since the GFC and this has been further compounded by changes to Age Pension criteria by successive Governments over the last two years, which have seen Age Pension entitlements also fall. Eric Hiam, Pension and Aged Care Expert, looks at some strategies for maximising your


Ten reasons to make a date with you superannuation and love it!


The Association of Superannuation Funds of Australia (ASFA) is urging Australians to make a date with their super today because super is an excellent long term prospect. ASFA CEO Dr Martin Fahy said Australians should learn to love their super if they don’t already. “We want people to embrace superannuation on Valentine’s Day and every