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The unhealthy habits killing Australian women


Heart disease is the leading cause of death in women in Australia and has been for more than two decades. But despite ongoing educational campaigns and medical recommendations – Australian women are still risking their long-term health with bad habits. Christa Dang, Professor Cassandra Szoeke and Professor Martha Hickey investigate. A chest x-ray of a woman


Diet changes that can help manage an irritable bowel

irritable bowel syndrome

People suffering from irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) can find symptom relief with a variety of dietary changes. Results from a new trial show that no one fixed approach will work for everyone, but there is merit in taking the principles behind the spectrum of dietary options and adapting to ‘what works’ for a person.


Food as medicine: why do we need to eat so many vegetables and what does a serve actually look like?

food as medicine

Most Australian adults would know they’re meant to eat two or more serves of fruit and five or more serves of vegetables every day. Whether or not they get there is another question. Genevieve James-Martin, Gemma Williams and Malcolm Riley explore why we need to eat so many and how big is an actual serve.


Fasting not superior to regular dieting


Fasting diets don’t produce superior health benefits despite increasing in popularity, say US researchers.


‘Saturated fat not cause of heart disease’: study

saturated fat

It’s time to stop demonising saturated fats and focus on a healthy lifestyle to prevent heart disease, some experts say.


Salt makes you hungry not thirsty: study


Salt actually makes you hungrier not thirstier, according to a new study.


Diet clues to surviving cancer

surviving cancer

Eating well is an important part of reducing a person’s risk of cancer. When it comes to dietary choices for people who have survived cancer, key themes surface showing that a healthy diet is just as important, writes Dr Tim Crowe. Thanks though to earlier detection and improved treatments, more and more people are surviving


Slow cooked lamb with pear and balsamic

slow cooked lamb

Dr Libby Weaver shows how to reboot your diet, improve your sleep, understand your hormones, reduce your stress and manage the demands on your time with her new book, The Energy Guide.


3 things to ditch from your diet for an immediate health impact


‘Low fat’, ‘no fat’, ‘fat free’ choices masquerade as healthy but are often the items in your diet that negatively affect your weight and overall health the most. Here’s three things you can ditch from your diet to have an immediate impact.


What are omega-3s and how can you boost your levels?

Around 84 per cent of the world’s population is deficient in omega-3s, and many Australian are at risk of sub-optimal levels, due to poor dietary choices. According to a recent survey, three-quarters of Australians are not aware of what omega-3s are. Omega-3s are essential fatty acids that are important for overall health. Found predominately in