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Why are Australian women ageing 20 years earlier than other women around the globe?


Is the legacy of living in our glorious sunburnt country doing us more damage that good? It is a luxury to live in a climate where we can enjoy the outdoors almost all year round, yet Australians look to be paying the ultimate price in the ageing game.


Scientists closer to anti-ageing drug


Scientists are a step closer to unlocking the mystery of how to reverse the ageing process. They’ve discovered that a natural compound found in fruit and vegetables, including avocado and broccoli, can help repair DNA that’s been damaged by ageing and radiation exposure.


Drink this tea to speed up your weight loss!

matcha green tea

Scientific studies are highlighting the incredible weight loss properties of a specific type of green tea known as Matcha. Matcha green tea is the whole tea leaf stone ground into a powder which dissolves in water. As a result you consume the whole tea leaf so matcha has 137 times the antioxidants of a standard


Top 5 foods that prevent ageing

prevent ageing

These anti-ageing foods will help maintain your soft, smooth, supple skin and even help prevent ageing.


Video: Anti-ageing face yoga…?

face yoga

The downward-facing dog – great for the mind, body and soul – but how about some yoga for the face? Youtuber, The Uma Show teaches us her simple face yoga exercise regime, which helps lift, firm, tone and reduce wrinkles. Try this short easy routine a few times a week.


WHAT?? Anti-ageing chocolate developed by University…

anti-ageing chocolate

Could it be true? Have scientists actually developed a guilt-free chocolate which promises to slow down the appearance of wrinkles and sagging skin? The Telegraph is reporting that Cambridge University has developed an anti-ageing chocolate, stating a daily 7.5g bar of the chocolate can change the underlying skin structure of a 50 year old to that of someone in


Gene therapy might reverse ageing

Is gene therapy the golden elixir for reversing ageing, Scientists think so. People are born, grow, mature, and then start the process of ageing. A few wrinkles, crows feet circle the eyes and a sprinkle of grey hairs are the common signs of ageing. This is a normal cycle and for many (and what the media tends