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A new star in French wine

french wine

La Livinière is a little-known French wine appellation that is a star in the making. Part of the Minervois, one of the bigger appellations of the Languedoc, La Livinière’s vineyards are east of the walled city of Carcassonne. La Livinière stands out from the mass of the Minervois for its red wines, which are a


Take the ancient Silk Road to a 2,500-year old garden

ancient silk road garden

Nowhere but Iran can you walk among the ruins of a garden created more than 2,500 years ago. Nowhere else on earth can you find an entire suite of nine UNESCO World Heritage Persian Gardens. And nowhere else has one guiding principle of garden design not only persisted for more than two millennia, but also


Classical gardens and art in China

gardens china

Western thinking on garden history tends to be almost unconsciously European in focus – we might evoke the eighteenth century, and think of ha-has and arboreta, or perhaps a Renaissance Italian stroll garden, ornamented with classical statuary. But when mediaeval apothecaries were busy enclosing medicinal herbs in box compartments, one of our greatest cultures was


In Spanish Catalonia, A Cheese Maker’s Touch Is The Magic

Spanish Catalonia

High up in the Spanish Pyrenees in Catalonia, a new generation of artisan cheese makers is at work. Some were born and raised in the region, often from farming backgrounds with ready-made herds of goats, sheep or cows. Finding it a struggle to make a living from selling milk or meat, they turned to cheese


Vietnam: from war duty to landscape beauty


Former combat Soldier, now Vietnam expert, Walter Pearson talks to Garden Drum about his attachment to the beauty of Vietnam and why he returns time and time again.


Travel Alaska 101


It’s no wonder that Alaska is attracting Australians in record numbers. The vast wilderness, huge range of activities for all tastes and budgets and the sheer sense of adventure is a wonderful attraction for outdoor-loving Aussies. But Alaska’s tourism season is short and frantic and the best attractions sell out quickly, so first-timers are advised


Architecture for travellers: a novice’s guide


Do you struggle with spotting the difference between a plinth and a pilaster? Or Byzantine from Romanesque architecture? You don’t need to be an expert to recognise a good building but by understanding a little about architectural history and theory can make a walk around an unfamiliar city all the more rewarding. The Lonely Planet has


The exotic gardens and culture of Spain


By Dr Tim Entwisle On my first visit to Spain, I ran around madly photographing Mediterranean herbs and flowers I’d seen in gardens but not in nature, stunning garden landscapes, and everything washed in that sunlight that has besotted so many artists over the years. What a place! I can’t wait to return to Spain


Papua New Guinea: island of dancing smiles

Papua New Guinea

Papua New Guinea may be our closest neighbour, but for most Australians it is an unknown land shrouded in mystery and intrigue and one that shouldn’t be missed according to Dallas Sherrington. Awe-inspiring natural beauty, friendly local people, but the majority of Aussies wouldn’t have one of our closest neighbours on their travel list, and until recently,


Electric vehicles tour in Switzerland

electric vehicles

Switzerland Tourism has announced its launch of the World’s first road tour for electric vehicles. Aptly named the E-Grand Tour of Switzerland, this journey is the eco-friendly alternative to the Grand Tour of Switzerland. Effective April 2017, an extensive network of about 200 charging stations will be available along the entire 1,600km route, ensuring travelers