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Retirement anxiety is a global issue

retirement anxiety

When it comes to retirement, people all around the world are experiencing retirement according to a research report from Malvern, Penn.-based investment management giant Vanguard Inc. This is what retirees in four countries think about retirement in the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom and Australia.


Ten reasons to make a date with you superannuation and love it!


The Association of Superannuation Funds of Australia (ASFA) is urging Australians to make a date with their super today because super is an excellent long term prospect. ASFA CEO Dr Martin Fahy said Australians should learn to love their super if they don’t already. “We want people to embrace superannuation on Valentine’s Day and every


10 tips for winding up an SMSF


There are many reasons why an SMSF may need winding up, such as due to the death or incapacity of a member or lack of desire to continue with the administration, responsibility or expense. Jo Heighway, Partner, SMSF Assurance & Advisory, at Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu shares 10 tips for winding up an SMSF and allow for a


Superannuation fees and charges explained

Ever wondered what all those superannuation fees and charges on your statements are?  Superannuation funds charge different types of fees to cover the various costs related to your super account. We have found the perfect factsheet to help you understand and get a clearer picture of all those fees and charges.  You can download it


Stop tinkering with our superannuation


Does superannuation need a break from the constant tinkering and ad hoc review and reform to rebuild consumer confidence in the system?


SMSFs and the pension cap: a case study follow-up

pension cap changes

A recent article on Cuffelinks set the scene for how SMSFs will need to re-assess their pensions under the $1.6 million pension cap. The comments and questions received highlight the complexity of this reform for SMSF trustees. To further decode the changes, SMSF Technical Services Manager at Accurium, Melanie Dunn found four key questions regarding these reforms: how will member


Boost super before new rules set in


Superannuation members should seek to maximise their super contributions to utilise any unused parts of their current cap by the end of the financial year, according to Townsends Business and Corporate Lawyers. The law firm’s solicitor, Julie Hartley, said under new rules stipulated in the 2016 Federal Budget, super members would no longer be able


Be your own Santa – get your super back

missing super

If you are wrapping up the end of the year and moving into retirement, now is the time to check for any missing super. Australia’s peak superannuation body, the Association of Superannuation Funds of Australia, is urging hundreds of thousands of Australians with forgotten or inactive super accounts to reclaim their money before it goes


Superannuation changes

Take control of your retirement

The Federal Government has announced sweeping changes to the superannuation system, it will save nearly $3 billion dollars and create a sustainable system for years to come, the ABC reports. The Government is set to impose a $1.6 million cap on the amount of tax-free super savings a person can hold in retirement, coming into effect


Biggest financial stress for working seniors is retirement

losing money

Retirement is the number one cause of financial stress for Australian workers over 50, according to AMP research released today. The research, undertaken by AMP for its 2016 Financial Wellness report, revealed the stress increases with age with 28 per cent of financially stressed workers over 60 are stressed about not having enough in retirement.