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The unexpected cost of taking out private health insurance later in life

health insurance

It’s a sobering day when we realise we are no longer ‘spring chickens.’ The realisation can come at the arrival of grandchildren or a Seniors Card, but for many of us it may simply come with some creaky joints, additional doctors’ visits or the need for medical procedures your parents used to talk about. Laura Crowden,


Manchester terror attack: travel insurance cover explained

travel insurance

The horrific terror attack in Manchester has triggered a change in travel advice for Australians headed to the UK. The terrorism threat in Britain has been upgraded from ‘severe’ to ‘critical’ (the highest of the UK’s four domestic threat levels). What should travellers do if they are visiting the UK?


Top tips for first time cruisers

cruise insurance tips

First time cruisers are urged to take out travel insurance


Dodgy knees and cataracts most common ailments, says Medibank


Hip and knee replacements were among the most common procedures and ailments claimed by privately insured patients last financial year, according to a new Medibank report.


Save even more with Boomers Travel Insurance

Are you planning a trip for Christmas? Get specialist online travel cover from Boomers Travel Insurance, and save 10 per cent with this exclusive offer for ‘retiree’ readers. Boomers Travel Insurance – exclusive offer saves you 10% Are you planning a holiday? Talk to Boomers about Seniors Travel Insurance – they have Australia’s first dedicated travel