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Prevent sore eyes and save your relationship – put the smartphone down

The pervasive presence of smartphones is having a detrimental effect on Australians’ eyesight. Australian research shows that a 60-minute reading task on a smartphone results in increased eye strain symptoms. Despite the vast majority of Australians ranking loss of sight as their number one health concern, our use of digital devices and its associated eye


26 stylish seniors who refuse to wear old-people clothes

stylish seniors

They say that age is simply a state of mind. Being older doesn’t mean you live a life any less exciting. Sometimes a millenial might live a drab boring life, whereas a 90 year old might still be jumping out of planes sky diving. Whatever your adventure, as photographer Ari Seth Cohen has portrayed, being older


Super is super for the young and old – get ready for 1 July super tax changes


Ask young people in Sydney what they think about superannuation savings for retirement and by far the majority think super is super. They get it. The Association of Superannuation Funds of Australia (ASFA) recently spoke to young people in Sydney streets as well as Martin Place and Pitt Street Mall and discovered great regard for


New hope for treating advanced prostate cancer

prostate cancer

A revolutionary three-in-one blood test could pave the way to precision-personalised treatment for advanced prostate cancer, scientists say.


The unexpected cost of taking out private health insurance later in life

health insurance

It’s a sobering day when we realise we are no longer ‘spring chickens.’ The realisation can come at the arrival of grandchildren or a Seniors Card, but for many of us it may simply come with some creaky joints, additional doctors’ visits or the need for medical procedures your parents used to talk about. Laura Crowden,


WIN: Diane Lane’s Paris Can Wait movie tickets

paris can wait

Eleanor Coppola’s narrative directorial and screenwriting debut stars Academy Award® nominee Diane Lane as a Hollywood producer’s wife who unexpectedly takes a trip through France, which reawakens her sense of self and her joie de vivre. Anne (Lane) is at a crossroads in her life. Long married to a successfully driven but inattentive movie producer (Alec


Hot chocolate: a tasty brain booster

brain booster

A new study, published in the high profile journal Hypertension, has given a tantalising hint into how cocoa, found in drinks like hot chocolate, may protect against cognitive decline, writes Dr Tim Crowe.


Get rid of the threshold – super should be for everyone, says ASFA


The Association of Superannuation Funds of Australia is calling for an end to the superannuation threshold, saying super should be accessible to everyone including low income Australians to put them on the road to a healthy retirement.


What we know, don’t know and suspect about what causes motor neuron disease

motor neuron disease

Since 2014, the ice bucket challenge, which involves people pouring a bucket of icy water over their heads, has raised awareness and much-needed research funds for motor neuron disease. While research for a cure is underway, first we need to know what causes it, writes Lyndsey Collins-Praino and Viythia Katharesan.


The ‘Ageing Eyes’ Presbyopia app for over 50s.

ageing eyes

Mentioning the word ‘ageing’, ‘eyesight’ and ‘app’ in the same sentence may be enough for many to zone out. But stay with us, because if you are hitting middle age, or have started to notice you’re finding it increasingly difficult to read phone messages or read labels at the supermarket, this app could save you